Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sandvine: 2 Orders, $7M

Sandvine continues the wining announcements spree (2*$4M orders here, here), with a two orders amounting to $7M including a PCRF (see "Sandvine Will Compete on PCRF Projects" - here), and the 100GE PTS 32000.

The company said that it has "received orders totaling $7 million from two communication service providers in the Middle East & Africa (MEA). 
  • The first order comes from an existing Sandvine customer with a converged mobile and fixed network covering 36 million subscribers .. The PTS 32000 will be in both the fixed and mobile properties of the existing customer, which will allow it to unify policy control for subscribers across networks, regardless of how they are accessing the Internet .. Additionally, after a thorough competitive evaluation, the converged operator has purchased Sandvine’s Service Delivery Engine, which includes the company’s Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF).

Sandvine PCRF ServiceDesigner interface
  • The second order is from a new fixed line customer .. will be using Sandvine’s PTS 32000 and related software to optimally manage network traffic and enhance the security of the underlying networks.
See "Sandvine’s 100GE PTS 32000 And PCRF Included In Orders For $7 Million From Two MEA Customers" - here.

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