Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bhutan Telecom to Use Alepo's Wi-Fi Offload and Hotspot Monetization Solution

Alepo announced a " partnership with Bhutan Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Bhutan, to launch an expansive Wi-Fi Offload and Hotspot Monetization Solution for the Bhutanese market.

With Alepo’s Wi-Fi monetization solution Bhutan Telecom will be able to fully monetize its Wi-Fi hotspot networks by offering attractive Wi-Fi plans and promotions to its subscribers. Bhutan Telecom’s customers will be able to use a single mobile voucher to purchase mobile and Wi-Fi hotspot services, making it a simple and convenient experience. 
  • As part of its Wi-Fi monetization platform, Alepo provides an end-to-end solution for the entire purchase, activation, real-time charging, and customer care of Wi-Fi hotspot services, as well as integration with the charging system in the mobile core. 
  • With Alepo’s Carrier Wi-Fi offload solution, Bhutan Telecom will be able to leverage its planned network of Wi-Fi hotspots across Bhutan in order to increase its capacity for mobile data services as well as to enhance the customer experience of those data services.
Bhutan Telecom subscribers will enjoy a seamless 3G/4G LTE to Wi-Fi offload experience, thanks to Alepo’s full integration with the HLR and HSS in the mobile core network. 

The agreement with Bhutan Telecom signifies major milestone for Alepo. The “all things data experts” technology provider has announced several Wi-Fi monetization and offload contracts with many tier one mobile operators like Sri Lanka Telecom, Afghan Wireless, ETB Colombia [here] and others"

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