Thursday, May 9, 2013

DiViNetworks Adds Sandvine's DPI to its Cloud Service

DiViNetworks adds traffic management policy enforcement to its existing cloud-based optimization (see "DiViNetworks Offers Cloud-Based Optimization Service" - here) solution.

The new service is a new aspect of its partnership with Sandvine (see also "Sandvine Partners with DiViNetworks" - here).
The company announced ".. Traffic Management in the Cloud using technology from Sandvine, a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions . This unique service enables ISPs worldwide to apply network policy control functions from the Internet cloud, without deploying a dedicated system in their own network. Traffic Management in the Cloud is already used by several ISPs". 

DiViNetworks updated me that these are customers in Latin America and Africa.

".. High-end ultra-capacity Sandvine systems are located in DiViCloud points-of-presence on the main Internet junctions. The traffic of subscribed ISPs traversing these nodes is monitored, and ISP-specific policies are enforced. Subscribed ISPs also enjoy a web-based view of the detailed and actionable reports  that graph their network link utilization and impacts of the traffic management policies".

See "DiViNetworks and Sandvine launch the first Traffic Management in the Cloud™ service, already serving multiple ISPs" - here.

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