Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Procera's Use-Cases for New Real-Time Analytics

Procera Networks announced the availability of "Dynamic LiveView, the industry’s first real-time, dynamic query capability for network analytics .. Dynamic LiveView builds upon the sophisticated awareness capabilities already built into Procera’s Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) system .. Dynamic LiveView software is packaged with Procera’s PacketLogic™ IPE systems with no additional license fees".

".. Dynamic LiveView extends the current historic reporting functionality available on the PacketLogic Intelligence Center (PIC) by allowing the creation of customized queries for use in real-time monitoring, dashboards, and network forensics that mix and match data such as subscriber identities, content categorization, device types, network conditions, location, traffic management status, routing and peering attributes, and applications for a real-time view of network traffic".

"Dynamic LiveView is also available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable more efficient dashboards and big data reports targeting specific datasets. LiveView enables visibility from the highest level of data categories all the way down into a single traffic flow. For example, LiveView enables operators to find not only the source of a DDOS attack, but then drill down to find what attack vectors are being exploited and what applications are being used to launch the attack".

Use cases: 
  • "Below is an example result of such a query. We picked a specific RNC, and are displaying the network behavior by showing first the device types active on that RNC, then the applications that they are running, and then finally the sites that they are accessing with those applications. This is a very easy way to determine what is happening on that specific area of the network"

  • "Another interesting use case would be an operator looking to understand what Google Services were being accessed on their Google peering links to see if one specific service was causing network congestion issues. In this scenario, the operator wants to understand the Google sites (i.e. subdomains) that are being accessed from their network, what kinds of sites they are (i.e. the category of those sites), and how those sites were being accessed. Below is the answer"

See "Procera Networks Launches Industry’s First Dynamic, Real-time Network Analytics Capability" - here.

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