Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Infonetics]: SDM Market Looks for Strong Analytics; to Reach $1.8B by 2017;

Shira Levine (pictured), directing analyst for service enablement and subscriber intelligence, Infonetics Research, updated its Subscriber Data Management Software and Services market size and forecast report concluding that "the global subscriber data management market, including software and services for mobile and fixed-line networks, grew 45% in 2012 to $792 million .. will reach $1.8B in 2017 .. Oracle’s acquisition of Tekelec strengthens its position in the SDM space by providing database and analytics technology as well as network and IT data sources .. As analytics become a key part of operators’ SDM strategies, those SDM suppliers with strong analytics capabilities will assume a leadership role".

Previous forecast by Infonetics: $1.86B / 2016 [May '12, here] and $1.5B / 2016 [Nov '12, here]. Signals and Systems Telecom forecasted $2B for 2016 in August 2012 [here]

As the ‘big data’ trend continues to influence the telecom sector, operators are becoming more aggressive with their subscriber data management strategies, including expanding beyond the network to incorporate data sources such as OSS, billing, and customer care, This is driving demand for solutions that enable better consolidation of subscriber data and spurring interest in the tight integration between SDM and policy, allowing operators to close the loop and make more focused and targeted policy decisions”.

See "Big data fueling subscriber data management spending spree" - here.

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