Sunday, May 19, 2013

Julius Jenachowski: Net Neutrality will be "an ongoing issue for the F.C.C. and for Congress"

Nicholas Thompson, interviewed Julius Jenachowski (pictured), former FCC chairman to The New Yorker, with a number of references to net neutrality:
  • "But virtually every consumer has three alternative cable providers and two satellite providers. Many have access to a telephone provider like FiOS or A.T. & T. U-verse. It’s one of the reasons that we pushed so hard on net neutrality and keeping the pipes open for online video. That’s part of the competition story that will put downward pressure on prices. That will be an ongoing issue for the F.C.C. and for Congress.
  • .. business and social norms around net neutrality are hardening in our society. It’s been two or three years since we adopted the net-neutrality rule, which proves that the doomsdayers were wrong. What the doomsdayers said was that, if the commission adopted the net-neutrality rule, it would halt investment in broadband networks, and that hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ve seen significant increases in investment throughout—in applications and services as well as networks. So one of the things that we’ve seen is that the net-neutrality rules on the books are pro-investment and pro-innovation. And those rules should stay on the books to make sure that the U.S. continues to lead the world in broadband.
See "Julius Jenachowski leaves the F.C.C." – here.

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