Saturday, May 18, 2013

AT&T 1-800 Maybe Based on Advertising Revenue Sharing

Since February 2012, we have seen a number of statements from AT&T about 1-800 mobile data service:  AT&T Considers "1-800" Model for Mobile Data ; AT&T CEO: 1-800 Data will "Catch Fire in the Next 12 Months" and AT&T Asks Subscribers about 1-800 Data Service).

Whether the December survey showed support or not, Sue Marek reports to FierceWireless that "AT&T Chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson [pictured] told investors at a J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference that he expects content and app developers to soon introduce new types of business models that will allow customers to get access to their content without racking up high data usage bills. Although Stephenson didn't elaborate on the details of these new models, he suggested advertising may be one option".

Few days ago i reported that "ESPN Prepares for 1-800 Mobile Data Service with US MNO" (here). According to FierceWireless, the MNO is Verizon Wireless.

See "AT&T's Stephenson: Content players will subsidize consumer's data" - here.

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