Friday, November 22, 2013

Amdocs Wants to Bring Together PCC, DPI, Optimization and Analytics Vendors

Amdocs announced "Amdocs PCC Ecosystem partner program - This expansion of Amdocs' Enreach partner program will address service providers' lack of integration in the network control domain by bringing together policy, charging, inline monetization, deep packet inspection (DPI), optimization and analytics vendor specialists. The program's goal is to create the industry's broadest ecosystem of partners working together to develop new offerings and service provider use cases. 

Amdocs PCC Ecosystem will be part of the Amdocs Experience Center, which will create real-life demonstrations of the new solutions so service providers can see firsthand the value of PCC integration. The facility will give service providers a logical starting point for innovating and incubating new ideas".

Sample PCC Ecosystem Use Cases (see "Amdocs Policy and Charging Control Ecosystem and Data
Monetization Lab" - here):
  • Multiple application quotas: Offer flexible service tiers with application-based usage quotas
  • OTT video optimization: Offer optimized video service as a premium add-on to data plans – optimized for device and subscriber
  • Promotional vouchers: Offer one-time temporary services – Facebook for an hour, happy hour, quality of service boost
  • Shared data plan for SMB: Offer tailored data plans with a common data pool, and personalized entitlements
  • Home zone (location-based awareness): Offer free or discounted mobile data services in customer, home or other specific locations
  • 1-800 or toll-free data: Enter into revenue sharing partnerships with OTT vendors; share the cost of data delivery
See "Amdocs Announces New Network-Based Solutions and Partner Program" - here

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