Saturday, November 23, 2013

Qwilt: Our Customers See 50% Cache Hit, 80% QoE Improvement

Qwilt reported ".. new Worldwide Online Video Quality of Experience (QoE) data, compiled from analytic network performance insights from its global customer deployments. In its first annual report, the company measured the average bitrate of customer networks across North America [customers include Mediacom and Comway], South America, Europe and Asia, to determine actual viewer QoE during peak viewing times, from popular content providers, like Netflix and YouTube. 

.. average bitrates were measured from video streams delivered by Qwilt and those delivered by upstream content providers. The comparison of the two average bit rates shows the real QoE impact of Qwilt’s solution in operator networks. The report data conclusively shows that Qwilt’s transparent caching solution, the QB-Series Video Fabric Controller [see "Qwilt Unveils Transparent-video Delivery Solution" - here], consistently delivered more than 50-percent of the video traffic while producing greater than 80-percent improvement in video streaming QoE during peak times".

See "New Worldwide Online Video QoE Report Shows Qwilt Delivers Over 80% Improvement in Consumer Quality of Experience During Prime Time" - here.

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