Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sandvine - $4M Orders from a New LATAM Mobile Group Customer

Sandvine announced that it has "..received initial orders exceeding $4 million from several properties of a Tier 1 mobile service provider group that operates in most countries across Latin America .. This new customer will be deploying Sandvine’s Network Analytics product across group properties to provide actionable business intelligence about popular applications, devices and network quality. The information can be easily compared and contrasted between networks and regions, and to support business and operational decisions for the future".

Sandvine is a long time supplier to the Telefonica group (see "Sandvine CEO: "Telefonica and Comcast - Lion's Share of Revenues"; May Consider Small Acquisitions" - here) - but the above announcement describes the operator as a new customer.

See "Sandvine Wins Tier 1 Latin American Mobile Operator Group" - here.

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