Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Citrix: Mobile Ads Generate 1.6% of iOS/ 2.2% of Android Data Volume

Citrix Bytemobile published its "Mobile Analytics Report, November 2013" (here) that "provides insight into subscriber behavior and related factors that affect subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE) with mobile data services".

Main findings:
  • Three applications - Media Player, Browser and Google Play - generate 83% of mobile data volume associated with Android devices, with Media Player accounting for more than half. This is similar to application use on iOS devices, as reported by Citrix ByteMobile in Q2 2013. On iOS devices, Media Player, Safari and App Store generated 77% of mobile data volume.
  • Mobile ads constitute a small fraction of monthly quota -  generated 1.6% of iOS data volume, as compared to 1% in reported in Q1 2012 and 2.2% of Android data volume, as compared to 2% reported in Q1 2012.
  • The ratio of mobile subscribers receiving image-based ads versus video-based ads is 20-to-1.
  • In the Q2 2010 Mobile Analytics Report, ByteMobile found that 90% of mobile video data by volume was associated with the FLV format, which is primarily associated with laptops. Today, the primary mobile video format is MP4, a format which is most closely associated with smartphones. This MP4 traffic represents 67% of global mobile video volume.

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