Thursday, November 14, 2013

Avvasi Enhances Analytics with RAN-Aware QoE Visualization

Avvasi announced the ".. release of Xperium Maps, a radio network QoE visualization tool .. Xperium Maps offers unprecedented capabilities, allowing mobile network providers to visualize in real-time and historically the evolution of video QoE at the Radio Access Network (RAN) level. 

Mobile service providers, when confronted with the growth of mobile video in their networks, are often at a loss to pinpoint the impact of the traffic on their subscriber’s Quality of Experience, especially in video. The feature allows them to detect video quality loss at a very granular level and to plan for capacity expansion or traffic management efficiently. This feature allows network operators to identify where media is consumed in their networks and whether video quality issues tend to appear in isolated areas or in QoE hotspots"

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