Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cellwize Launches NFV Based, "pay-as-you-grow", SON

Cellwize announced that it is the ".. first to offer a Network Functions Virtualized (NFV)-ready SON solution, that’s multi-technology and fully multi-vendor compliant ..Cellwize achieved the first step towards NFV by virtualizing its SON and application servers, delivering its optimization through virtual machines in NFV environments. As a result, elastic-SON™ can be fully automated with other network functions in the cloud.

..elastic-SON is also flexible and based on the demand and size of the network, can efficiently increase or reduce its performance capabilities. This allows mobile operators to adopt a “pay-as-you-grow” roll out so they can tailor the optimization and performance to fit the network’s requirements. elastic-SON™ also makes the healing of under performing networks seamless for cloud managers. They can now increase the number of virtual machines within a matter of a few clicks to strengthen performance

See "Cellwize Offers First NFV-Enabled SON Solution" - here.

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