Sunday, June 22, 2014

Optimization Deployments [314]: Cellcom [US] Improves Performance by 30% with Vasona

Vasona Networks announced its " with Cellcom to improve mobile broadband performance. The Wisconsin-based operator has deployed both the Vasona SmartAIR™1000 edge application controller [see "[Vendor Review]: Vasona's Cell Traffic Management" - hereand SmartVISION™ analysis suite [see "Vasona Adds Cell-Level Analytics" - hereto gain real-time visibility of network congestion and improve the overall mobile broadband experience when cells are overloaded. 

During periods of congestion, Cellcom realizes more than 30 percent improved bitrate performance for video and web browsing, and a 35 percent reduction in mobile service latency .. By working with Vasona Networks, Cellcom helps subscribers reduce or avoid the “spinning wheel” waiting experience when accessing media".

See "Cellcom partners with Vasona Networks for better app performance when mobile data traffic overloads cells" - here.

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