Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Openet Sees PCC for VoLTE Success (AT&T?)

Openet announced that "Openet’s policy and charging control (PCC) solution for voice over LTE (VoLTE) services has been successfully deployed on multiple operator networks worldwide. The standards compliant PCC solution enables operators to configure policies and develop new charging and billing models for VoLTE service rollouts .. Demand for VoLTE services means virtualization will play a key role to ensure ease of configuration and speed of VoLTE deployments. Openet has extensive experience with virtualized PCC deployments, working with a tier one North American operator who is using Openet’s PCC solutions in a virtualized environment".

According to people familiar with the market, one of those MNOs, it AT&T - a long time customer of Openet (see "AT&T Tests Openet & Cisco for LTE" - here). AT&T has launched some VoLTE services last month (see "AT&T Introduces High-Definition Voice in Initial Markets " - here).

See "Openet Announces Standards Compliant Policy and Charging Solution for VoLTE" - here.

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