Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ericsson Launches Big Data Analytics Platform

Ericsson announced "..Ericsson Expert Analytics, a powerful, real time, big data analytics platform that enables operators to derive actionable insights from big data and to turn those insights into appropriate actions in real time. Expert Analytics is a fully configurable, horizontal platform that can support a wide variety of use cases for marketing, customer care, operations and network, based on fresh data from network nodes, OSS/BSS, probes, terminals, social media and others sources.

.. Expert Analytics gathers, normalizes and aggregates vast amounts of network data and data from operations, customer and business systems. This enables operators to move away from batch data processing silos and take advantage of real-time, automated analytics and actionable insights that generate value and improve subscriber experiences. Data is gathered at the individual customer and session level in order to provide the high levels of service demanded by today's consumers and enterprises

See "Ericsson introduces Expert Analytics" - here.