Sunday, June 1, 2014

UK ISPs for Safer Internet

TalkTalk announced recently that "Mother and daughter, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Janet Ellis today (13th May) launched Internet Matters, a world-leading child internet safety organisation founded by the UK’s four major broadband providers; BT [see "BT Launches DNS-based Parental Control; Does it Log Traffic?" - here]Sky, TalkTalk [see "TalkTalk Launches Free, Opt-in, Parental Control/Malware Detection Service" - hereand Virgin

The not-for-profit organisation sees the ‘big four’ put aside competition and join forces for the first time, to help parents safely navigate the internet with their children. The move will cement the UK’s position as a world-leader on child internet safety, advising parents to ‘learn about it, talk about it, deal with it’".

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The site's parental control page explains that "Broadband providers offer the ability to set network level parental controls on your home broadband network. They restrict access to particular programmes or sites, limit access times, and importantly filter out inappropriate content like pornography. They work on every device that is connected to your broadband network". 

See "Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Janet Ellis launch Internet Matters child internetsafety portal" - here.

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