Saturday, June 14, 2014

How did Cable ONE Get Google's "YouTube HD Verified" Certification?

Cable ONE announced that "Google recently rated Cable ONE High Speed Internet “YouTube HD Verified” - a certification given only to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who consistently offer a connection stable enough to stream HD (720p) video without interruption or buffering .. Cable ONE offers speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 70Mbps - ideal for streaming multiple movies or videos at the same time, offering more power for online games, and giving customers the ability to share photos in the blink of an eye." (See "Google Rates Cable ONE 'YouTube HD Verified'" - here).

Brian Santo, reporting to CED Magazine, adds: "Brad Ottley. Cable One’s director of internet operations, said that Cable One delivers YouTube video through a peering arrangement with Level 3. In a written exchange, Ottley attributed Cable One’s results with Google/YouTube to “Low latency with Level 3 and Internet speeds of 50MB contribute to our YouTube HD Verified status. Transparent caching is a technique for smoothing out the delivery of web-based content (video and otherwise). Ottley said Cable One used transparent caching only in its system in Fargo".

See"Cable One excels at delivering YouTube, says Google" - here.

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