Monday, June 23, 2014

Dali Wireless Unveils High Capacity RF Router

Dali Wireless unveiled ".. High Density System (HDS™) ..  HDS is the only solution on the market that can allocate coverage and capacity dynamically and simultaneously ..  based on the RF Router technology, HDS delivers the high capacity of a macro-cell, the flexible coverage of DAS with the tiny footprint of a pico-cell without traditional interference challenges .. It is technology-, vendor-, and band-agnostic .. HDS can dynamically pool capacity together, and route it to where and when capacity is needed. 

..HDS supports up to 10Gbps / 300MHz over a single fiber .. With Dali’s patented dynamic capacity allocation and digital RF Router technology, it has an optical link budget sufficient for operators to deploy over a long range, as high as 40km, without signal degradation. This results in less noise interference and less equipment required.

.. HDS transforms any radio frequency signals from base stations into IP, CPRI, or IP/CPRI-like packets to allow “any-to-any RF routing” within a software-defined virtualized radio distribution network". 

See "Dali Wireless Unveils HDS™ (High Density System) for Intelligent Wireless Coverage and Dynamic Capacity Allocation" - here.

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