Monday, September 22, 2014

Allot:3 Orders from Data Centers/Cloud Providers

Allot Communications announced "orders from three separate major data center and cloud providers around the globe:
  • order from a U.S.-based, multinational cloud provider. The Allot solution will be used to monitor and guarantee service level agreements (SLAs) for its cloud-based services to enterprises across the customer’s multiple data centers worldwide.
  • One of Latin America’s largest data center providers is installing an Allot Cloud Access Optimization solution to support the organization’s cloud platform, web hosting solutions and data and application storage services. The Allot solution will deliver multi-tenanted application visibility to the provider’s enterprise customers.
  • .. an order from a European multinational IT services provider for Allot NetEnforcer, a purpose-built appliance for monitoring and managing data traffic. This order expands on its current data center deployment and allows the provider to enhance visibility, service delivery, control and management".

See "Allot Communications Secures Three Orders from Major Cloud Providers" - here.

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