Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PeerApp and Sandvine Demo NFV-based Content Caching (w/Sandvine Steering)

PeerApp announced it will "demonstrate the industry's first virtualized content caching solution in cooperation with intelligent broadband solutions provider Sandvine and Dell at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) .. PeerApp and Sandvine's solutions are already integrated at dozens of operators globally using traditional deployment models [see "Sandvine: 40 Joint Deployments with PeerApp, Mobixell and Netsweeper" - here]

This demonstration shows a virtualized content caching solution using PeerApp's UltraBand caching engine in conjunction with a patented application-specific Divert solution enabled by the Sandvine Policy Engine, both running on virtual machines hosted on Dell hardware. 

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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) decouples network functions, such as caching, from hardware, using standard IT virtualization technologies. NFV enables cable, broadband and mobile service providers to build dynamic, virtualized networks with application and content awareness so they can quickly deliver new and innovative services, lower capital and operational costs, and increase flexibility and agility to respond to market demands. PeerApp's content delivery solution is one of the only standards-based solutions available today that supports the exploding popularity of over-the-top (OTT) Internet content with improved economics, flexibility and agility, as well as with the Quality of Experience (QoE) subscribers expect". 

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See "PeerApp and Sandvine to Demonstrate the Industry's First Virtualized Content Caching Solution at IDF San Francisco 2014" - here.

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