Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cisco Expands SCE Line with a 60Gbps and Virtual Models

Cisco has added recently two new models to its standalone Service Control Engine (SCE) product family - a new, 60Gbps hardware and a virtual version.

Originally, the SCE product line came to Cisco with the acquisition of P-Cube, 10 years ago (here). The product is no longer developed in Israel (home for P-Cube R&D center), and since the acquisition till now, Cisco has not added new h/w models, leaving the SCE 8000 as the high-end model, with total throughput of 30 Gbps per chassis - far behind the competitive products.

According to Cisco source, the company will continue to support both its standalone (SCE) and embedded DPI products (ASR 5000, for example).

More on the new products:
  • The SCE-10000 - "The Cisco SCE 10000 Series Service Control Engine (SCE 10000) is specifically designed for carrier-grade deployments requiring high-capacity, stateful application and session-based classification. It helps you better control or manage application-level IP traffic by subscriber".

    This is a 2RU product, with the following interface performance features:

  • Cisco vSCE -"The Cisco vSCE adds a new virtual network function (VNF) to enhance the extensive virtualized capabilities provided by the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) architecture. The Cisco vSCE expands the Cisco Service Control solution portfolio that is designed to align with evolving market trends and customer needs and promote rapid deployment of innovative new service offering .. 
    The Cisco vSCE is a virtual appliance that retains functionality parity with existing physical appliances and can be deployed using hypervisor software platform. The Cisco vSCE is access technology independent and can be 
    deployed in any cable, wireline, mobile, public sector, or enterprise network application. Customers can also use it for testing purposes and for trial of new services

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