Friday, September 26, 2014

Radisys Introduces New COTS-based Platform with NFV-based Flow Classification

Radisys introduced an ".. innovative family of T-100 Series (T-100) Platforms with new FlowEngine™ data plane software technology. The T-100 Platforms, based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) silicon technology, are designed and optimized to support high performance Software Defined Networking (SDN) and data plane Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) processing requirements. Integrated with Radisys’ FlowEngine technology, the T-100 delivers capabilities that accelerate SDN and data plane NFV application development, improves platform efficiencies with increased density, and lowers CapEx and ongoing OpEx for mobile operators.
  • Radisys’ FlowEngine™ Technology

    Radisys developed FlowEngine to deliver a pragmatic and differentiated approach to deploying an NFV architecture. FlowEngine delivers many capabilities for SDN and NFV architectures, including:
    • Delivering wirespeed flow classification within the platform switch mechanics to rapidly identify traffic, reducing DPI loads on CPU blades and increasing overall chassis capacity and performance
    • Integrated load balancing to intelligently share loads across VNFs
    • Radisys’ T-100 Series Product Portfolio

      Radisys’ T-100 Platform family consists of the T-100 Ultra, a 14 slot chassis that delivers 2+ Tbps aggregate throughput, and the T-100 Pro, a 6 slot chassis that delivers 640 Gbps aggregate throughput. The ATCA standards-based products leverage COTS silicon technology engineered for telecom reliability and performance, so customers can leverage a broad range of virtualization and development tools available for Intel® x86 processors.

      A Radisys T-100 Platform with A2470 switches, populated with A4700 resource blades running Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), is an ideal NFV data plane processing platform for Layer 5-7 DPI applications, Policy Control Enforcement Functions (PCRF), or Gi-LAN application processing requirements"
    See "Radisys Launches T-100 Series Portfolio with FlowEngine Technology to Accelerate Mobile Operators’ SDN and NFV Deployments for the Data Plane" - here.


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