Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy September for Redknee: 2 Weeks, 3 Deals, $20M

In just two weeks, Redknee [see "[Vendor Review]: Redknee Policy Management Strategy" - here] announced 4 multi-million deals:
  • [Sep. 17] "a leading communications service provider (CSP) in the Americas region, has signed orders worth more than $8 million dollars. These new service agreements will enable the CSP to launch innovative data services and increase its competitive position in the market. Redknee supports more than 200 communications service providers and Tier 1 operators across the world to monetize digital services and increase profitability"

    Redknee Signs $8 Million Dollars of Orders with Operator in the Americas - here
  • [Sep. 9] ".. has received $6 million in orders for software and services from a leading global group mobile network operator. The orders will support the operator to launch innovative data services and advanced customer care capabilities to enhance the experience of its customers"

    Redknee Receives $6 Million Orders from Leading Global Group Mobile Operator - here
  • [Sep. 3] ".. a Tier 1 communications service provider (CSP) in Asia Pacific has placed an additional software expansion order, worth $6 million dollars, to support the growth in subscribers and data usage on its 4G/LTE network. The first expansion order for $9 million dollars was announced on June 12, 2014. This software expansion highlights Redknee’s capability to support the growth strategies of Tier 1 CSPs to advance the customer experience, generate new revenue streams and launch innovative data services faster to market"

    Redknee Signs $6 Million Dollar Order with Tier 1 APAC Operator
    - here

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