Friday, June 19, 2015

Corsa Adds QoS and Metering to its SDN Solution

Corsa Technology announced ".. new SDN metering and QoS (Quality of Service) capability for its line of performance SDN hardware. Corsa’s SDN implementation of this classic traffic engineering function allows network architects to better manage bandwidth across their network with dynamic, policy-aware metering and QoS. Framed around OpenFlow 1.3 QoS, Corsa performance SDN hardware lets network orchestration dynamically use meters and multiple classes of service to deliver SDN QoS which adjusts and adapts allocation of bandwidth at ultra-granular flow-level.

.. Policy-aware provisioning can be dynamically pushed down to the flexible Corsa SDN hardware to make on-going adjustments to meters and queue assignments. The network can then make immediate, informed queuing and discard decisions under congestion. Real-time performance monitoring automatically returns meter statistics and is checked against policy such as SLAs. For network operators including service providers and ISPs, SDN metering and queuing allows new self-serve features to be offered such as “bandwidth reservation” where users can dynamically schedule and reserve bandwidth via separate class of service and meters. 

Corsa  DP6400
From inception, Corsa has been working on dramatically improving the SDN network architecture by delivering SDN hardware that can easily and quickly scale for very large network applications. Performant and flexible, the DP6400™ product line can be configured to take on any networking function, ranging from Layer 2/3 switching and routing at massive scale, to complex Layer4- 7 aware network elements that allow network orchestration to dynamically adjust data forwarding"
See "Corsa Technology Announces SDN Metering and QoS" - here.

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