Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vasona Networks Fights Packet Loss

Vasona Networks is expanding its solution beyond congestion management (here), tackling general QoE issues resulting from packet lost (Vasona "estimates that when a typical high-quality video is streamed, packets are dropped every 5-10 seconds").

The company annouced that it "expands its efforts to help mobile operators deliver the best customer experiences in the face of challenging network conditions. Version 2.1 of the company’s flagship Vasona SmartAIR™ builds on industry-first dynamic rate control with feedback (DRCF), adding Mobile Packet Assurance. 

This new feature enhances application performance when data packets are lost in the network not only as a result of bandwidth congestion, but also from weak signal strength or other performance-impacting events. Mobile Packet Assurance leverages Vasona Networks’ ability to take real-time action based on intelligence about all traffic in individual cells at any moment .. Version 2.1 of SmartAIR will be released mid-summer"

See "Vasona Networks Takes Mobile Experience Improvement Beyond Network Congestion Management" - here.

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