Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oracle Adds Virtual PCRF

Oracle announced the "release of four products that underscore its commitment to provide communications service providers (CSPs) with a fully virtualized, network function virtualization (NFV)-ready solution portfolio.

.. With new releases of Oracle Communications Session Border Controller, Oracle Communications Converged Application Server, Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper, and Oracle Communications Policy Management, Oracle helps CSPs conquer the layers of complexity inherent in bridging physical and virtual environments as they continue on their journey toward NFV.

.. Oracle Communications Policy Management Supports Network Advancement Through VoLTE, IMS, and Virtualization".

See similar announcements from OpenetAmdocs.

".. The newest version of Oracle Communications Policy Management is a key component in the deployment of next-generation LTE networks. As network virtualization continues to advance, CSPs require the flexibility, reliability, and depth of feature functionality that enables them to evolve their networks through LTE, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), and virtualization. Oracle Communications Policy Management now takes the next step toward a fully cloud-enabled and virtualized policy management solution, preparing CSPs for NFV and software defined network (SDN)-enabled networks. The solution also:
  • Enables tight integration with charging and billing systems
  • Provides valuable network insights via an integrated policy analytics solution
  • Allows providers to serve all subscribers from a single policy management instance regardless of network access type
See "Oracle Communications Virtualizes Its Products to Support Network Function Virtualization Industry Initiative" - here

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