Thursday, June 18, 2015

ISP Sends Bandwidth Hogs to Seek a New Provider

Juha Saarinen reports to itnews (Australia) that "Internet service provider Exetel has given 400 of its broadband customers notice that their contracts will be terminated for heavy usage. 

Exetel chief marketing officer Ben Colman [pictured] confirmed the contract terminations to iTnews after affected users took to the Whirlpool user forum in anger .. many also claimed to have been terminated despite never reaching their full allocated data cap.

Colman said the company had decided to terminate the plans of 400 heavy out-of-contract users after one of its regular reviews of customer usage, network performance and cost.

Exetel has advised the affected customers to "churn/transfer your ADSL/Phone service to another carrier" within 30 days.

See "Exetel dumps 400 heavy broadband users" - here.

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