Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AT&T Will Manage Data Demand w/Software-centric Approach

Sean Buckley reports to FierceTelecom on Andre Fuetsch [pictured], senior VP of architecture and design for AT&T presentation at the TIA 2015 Network of the Future event, about how the carrier deals with the demand for data, and growth of video streaming traffic:
  • When we were predominantly a voice service provider, the capacity engineer only worried about one day out of the year, which was Mother's Day ,, it was pretty predictable, traffic capacity planning for AT&T and other large telcos is all about planning for the unexpected traffic bursts caused by users viewing the latest celebrity videos online
  • The traffic capacity engineer has to worry about the latest Kardashian streaming video, who has been watching House of Cards [see "Procera: Netflix' House of Cards Stats; Need 27GB to See it All" - here].. the biggest event we worry about is when Apple releases their next big iOS upgrade [see "Apple IOS8 Update - DDoS Attack? Can Cache Help?" - here]
  • To stay on pace with these unpredictable demands, the current hardware-based network approach won't suffice. A software-centric approach will help AT&T deal with these network spikes
  • Unlike the telcos, web-based companies did not have the money or time to build a bottom-up network architecture. AT&T wants to adopt a similar strategy where it will build a network, applications and services in a software-centric approach
  • One of the first implementations that will be using this AT&T integrated cloud is our Network on Demand function, ,.. This is basically the first SDN-based service that we now recently opened up in more than 100 U.S. cities that gives enterprise customers the ability to dynamically control the bandwidth they need between their sites ..  AT&T has set possibly the most ambitious software-centric goals for its network: virtualize software control to 75 percent of network by the year 2020.

See "AT&T's Fuetsch: Apple's iOS software updates 'biggest event we worry about' on network" - here.

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