Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Allot's 5th Tera Deal - $5M Order (VF UK?)

Allot Communications announced that it "received a $5M order from a Tier-1 mobile operator for the Allot Service Gateway Tera. The Tier-1 operator requires the platform’s service enablement capabilities to introduce a large-scale subscriber offering later in the year. 

This is the 5th order for the Allot Service Gateway Tera from Tier-1 customers since the beginning of the year" [see "Allot Launched the New Service Gateway; Orders from 4 Operators (over $9M)" - here]. 

Rumors are that the customer is Vodafone UK. Vodafone announced recently a deal with Netflix for their 4G network (here) that could be described as "a large-scale subscriber offering".

Vodafone may need some support by the DPI equipment to support this considering, for example, that VF's largest 4G service plan has a 9GB data cap, which does not allow much of HD viewing time in addition to all other application used or even some video optimization capabilities.  

See "Allot Service Gateway Tera Gains Momentum amongst Global Operators" - here.

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