Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ruckus Launches NFV based WLAN Controller; to be Used by Google

Ruckus Wireless unveiled the "industry’s first carrier-class virtualized wireless LAN (WLAN) controller, the Ruckus virtual SmartCell™ Gateway (vSCG), designed to streamline the creation of highly scalable and resilient cloud-based wireless LAN (WLAN) services .. designed for use with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi ZoneFlex™ access points (APs), the Ruckus vSCG runs as a virtual application within either the KVM (Kernel-base Virtual Machine) or VMware vSphere virtualization environments .. Managed WLAN services represent a major revenue opportunity for MSPs as businesses of all types are looking to outsource this function". 

GigaOm reports that "Google is working with Ruckus Wireless to build a Wi-Fi network in the cloud" (here) - "It’s building a virtual Wi-Fi network in the cloud that could connect hundreds of thousands of wireless nodes".

".. The Ruckus virtual SmartCell Gateway was designed from the beginning for carrier-class deployments. In addition to being highly scalable, reliable, and easily manageable, the Ruckus vSCG can also support value added Smart Wireless Services such as location based services and analytics like Ruckus SPoT™ Smart Positioning Technology and Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI), provide data plane flexibility, and carrier-class features like Hotspot 2.0 and multi-tenant support. The WLAN control plane traffic is handled within the vSCG virtual appliance layer, while the WLAN data plane traffic may be forwarded via either centralized or distributed paths. This provides for some Wi-Fi user traffic to be forwarded directly from the AP to the Internet, while other traffic is forwarded to an operator, partner, or enterprise network for additional handling.

The Ruckus virtual SmartCell Gateway (Ruckus vSCG) will be available starting in June, based on a perpetual software license fee of $995 USD for each instance of the vSCG deployed, plus a perpetual license fee of $100 USD per each Ruckus ZoneFlex access point installed in each network. 

See "Ruckus Launches the virtual SmartCell Gateway for Carrier-Class WLAN Management in the Cloud" - here.

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