Friday, May 16, 2014

Comcast: "we have no plans to announce a new data usage policy"

David L. Cohen [pictured], Executive VP and Chief Diversity Officer in Public Policy, Comcast posted to the MSO's blog, in order clarify some "misunderstandings" (see "Comcast Data Cap: Controversial Usage-Based Billing Plan Reportedly Comes To Light At MoffettNathanson Summit" - here).

 "Yesterday, I spoke at the MoffettNathanson Media & Communications Summit in New York City about a range of topics. Since some of my comments have been picked up out of context and misinterpreted in a number of places, I thought it was worth clarifying a couple of things about the Internet, data caps, and prioritization"
  • Data Caps are "flexible data consumption plans" 
[see also "Comcast Response to Recent Claims: Higher Base Cap w/Tiered Plans or Overage Fees" - here]

"To be clear, we have no plans to announce a new data usage policy .. We have been trialing a few flexible data consumption plans, including a plan that enables customers who wanted to use more data be given the option to pay more to do so, and a plan for those who use less data the option to save some money .. It’s important to note that we remain in trial mode only .. We're now also looking at adding some unlimited data plans to our trials"
  • Net Neutrality
"First, I expressed my support – and Comcast’s support, for legally enforceable Open Internet rules .. Second, an Open Internet is about much more than "fast lanes" and "paid prioritization". What I said about those issues was (1) that I wasn’t even sure what the definition of "fast lanes" and "paid prioritization" were; (2) that they were not covered by the 2010 Open Internet Order and that, therefore, I did not believe that they were illegal".

See "Clarifying Data Caps and Prioritization" - here.

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