Sunday, May 18, 2014

TIM Brazil Uses Amdocs UC to Fight OTT Services

Amdocs announced that "TIM Brasil has deployed Amdocs Unified Communications to power its new "blah" service. blah provides an unmatched user experience across all the subscriber's devices centered on a unified address book, merging device and social network contacts. The app saves money for the subscriber and keeps them inside the TIM Brasil brand while they use messaging and communication services such as VoIP, video chats and rich instant messaging .. The blah app is available to any mobile subscriber, not just TIM Brasil customers"

Roger Solé, CMO, TIM Brasil said: "With the launch of blah, we are the first Brazilian operator to enable mobile subscribers to enjoy state of the art, over-the-top type experiences with an intelligent address book, keeping the interface with customers and facilitating all communication".

Rebecca Prudhomme [pictured], VP product and solutions marketing, Amdocs said: "Service providers are facing increasing competition for voice and messaging revenue from over-the-top players, and one way to combat this is to leverage their relationship to offer enhanced communication services to subscribers"

With blah you can talk simultaneously with up to four people via blah calls (VoIP) and Video calls, and up to 100 people in group chat. In the contact list, all contacts are identified by circles. This helps to identify contacts who are TIM Brasil customers, helping TIM Brasil customers make calls to other TIM Brasil customers and so save costs.
  • Multi-device support: Multiple devices using a single account
  • Smart Call: Automatically corrects the number format when placing a call.
  • SMS Interception: send and receive text messages alongside instant messages
  • Send Files: Share files like PDFs and Word documents with your contacts
  • Send location, pictures, videos and voice messages.
See "TIM Brasil Deploys Amdocs Unified Communications to Power "blah"" - here.

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