Monday, May 19, 2014

[Sandvine] NA Cord-Cutters Stream 3 Hours of Video a Day

Sandvine's recent “Global Internet Phenomena Report 1H2014” (based on data from a selection of Sandvine’s 250-plus communications service provider (CSP) customers spanning North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Caribbean and Latin America and Asia-Pacific) finds that:
  • Just over two years after its launch, Netflix has become the second largest driver of traffic on fixed access networks in the UK and Ireland .. Netflix is now the second largest source of traffic during the peak evening hours, accounting for over 17.8% of downstream fixed access traffic
  • North American subscribers who exhibit “cord cutting” behavior (top 15th percentile of video users) are dominating network usage:
    • Consuming on average 212GB a month, more than seven times the 29GB of a typical subscriber; [see "Comcast: 'we have no plans to announce a new data usage policy"- here]
    • Viewing the equivalent of 100 hours of video each month
    • Accounting for the majority (54%) of total monthly network traffic

"Recently AT&T made some pretty big waves at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by announcing their intention to offer sponsored data to their subscribers [see "[Rumors]: AT&T "Sponsored Data" is Based on Openet's PCC " - here] . At Sandvine, we’ve been talking about ways operators could often innovative service plan for a number of years, in fact we first talked about it in our 1H 2012 Global Internet Phenomena Report.

As we predicted, it now looks like the near future is here, and 2014 will see the beginning of sponsored connectivity roll-out globally. This new model represents a complete new revenue stream for operators and great potential benefit for subscribers as well". 

See "Sandvine Report: Netflix’s British Invasion" - here.

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