Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sandvine Adds Location-Aware Capacity Planning Tool

Sandvine announced the ".. launch of the Capacity Planning Dashboard. Included as part of Sandvine Network Analytics, the new Capacity Planning Dashboard provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with interactive and actionable insight into network resource performance trends on fixed, mobile and converged networks ..  The analysis allows operators to easily identify and manage congested network resources, so that they can intelligently defer capital spending, where possible, without impacting the quality of experience (QoE) of their subscribers.

The Capacity Planning Dashboard provides insight into network resource performance trends across the network, including:
  • Quality Score
  • Percentage of Time Congested
  • Quality Score at Peak
  • Mbps Down at Peak
  • Subscribers at Peak
  • Downstream Volume (MB)
  • Deferral Period
  • Days to Upgrade
Analysis can be further refined by isolating:
  • Location Level 1 (BRAS, RNC, etc.)
  • Location Level 2 (DSLAM, Cell ID, etc.)
See "Sandvine Unveils Capacity Planning Dashboard" - here.

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