Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ixia Launches Application Intelligence Capabilities

Ixia  introduced its ".. new ATI Processor for the NTO 7300 brings a new level of intelligence to the network packet broker. Distinct Application Fingerprints and a patent pending dynamic identification capability for unknown applications give network managers a complete view of their networks, including application success and failure tracking. By combining rich contextual information such as geo-location of application usage, handset or device type, operating system and browser type, the ATI Processor helps to identify suspicious activity such as unauthorized BYOD usage or business connections from untrusted locations.

ATI Processor features include:
  • Dynamic application intelligence capabilities to identify known, proprietary, and even unknown network applications.
  • Enhanced insight including geo-location, handset type, operating system, browser and other key user data.
  • Empirical data generation to identify bandwidth usage, trends and growth needs delivered via API or Ixia’s IxFlow extensions to NetFlow.
Application intelligence delivers real-time application data to monitoring tools so that users have more accurate application data in order to make better decisions. It does this by providing rich data on behavior and location of users and applications, in any format needed – raw packets, filtered packets, or metadata. This allows IT teams to identify hidden network applications, mitigate network security threats from rogue applications and user types, and reduce network outages and/or improve network performance due to application data information.

Source: A Paradigm Shift for Network Visibility, Ixia, May 2014

See "Ixia Advances Network Visibility with Real-Time Network and Application Intelligence" - here.

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