Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amdocs Announces Big Data, Hadoop Based Solution

Amdocs announced the availability of "Amdocs TeraScale, a carrier-grade, big data solution designed to cost-efficiently store, manage and extract real-time charging usage data for analytical use cases. The new solution leverages big data storage technologies based on the Hadoop ecosystem, and enables deeper, more rapid real-time analytics through innovative usage data modeling and embedded ETL (extract, transform and load) processes. Amdocs TeraScale is a new offering within the Amdocs CES 9.1 product suite.

  .. The solution is capable of streaming the massive volumes of usage data generated by Amdocs Convergent Charging directly into TeraScale data clusters based on Hadoop, providing fresh, granular data for analytics applications. Amdocs TeraScale allows service providers to explore and visualize usage data using optimized usage queries and extracts as well as native Hadoop query tools. Amdocs TeraScale can be initially deployed as a side-by-side solution alongside existing usage data storage and ETL solutions, with no impact on charging and billing operations".

See "Amdocs Announces Carrier-Grade Big Data Solution for Real-Time Usage Data Management and Analytics Enablement" - here.


  1. Big Data solution for real time usage data management and Analytics is pumping all over the world very rapidly because people having more datas and to handle that data ,they are moving forward to Big data Analytics and its applications to work with thousands of computationally independent computers processing petabytes of data.
    Hadoop was derived from Google’s MapReduce and Google File System.

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