Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sandvine CEO Bullish on IBM Relations; SDN and NFV will Take Time

Sandvine published its 2013 annual report. In the Letter to the Shareholder, Dave Caputo [pictured], Sandvine CEO, says: "In late 2012, we partnered with IBM [here and here] as a new reseller of our solutions; I am pleased that Sandvine’s products are now fully productized within the IBM partner ecosystem. This joint relationship is encouraging and we expect to announce further wins in 2014".

See IBM's document "Dynamic Policy Management for Mobile and Fixed Networks" - here.

"During 2013, we continued to demonstrate our readiness and commitment towards Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), by being the first vendor to demonstrate a completely virtualized network policy control solution. 

We have set up initial solution partnerships with Juniper Networks for SDN [see "Juniper's View on Sandvine SDN/NFV Integration" - hereand Dell for NFV [see "Sandvine: 'leading edge CSPs around the world are currently working with Sandvine on virtualization pilot projects'" - here], and have announced some initial customer successes. SDN and NFV represent architectural shifts for our customers, so we do not expect material revenue from solutions delivered in this manner for a few years, but it is important to establish our leadership now".

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