Monday, March 17, 2014

[GigaOM] Content, Service Providers and Caching Vendors Cooperate

Interesting report by Stacey Higginbotham [pictured], GigaOM, following "Content companies including Viacom and HBO have met with folks from Comcast, Qwilt [see "Qwilt Adds Live Streaming Caching" - hereand others to discuss transparent caching as a way to solve the problem of online video".

"One solution to this challenge [delivery of streamin video] is transparent caching, where operators buy software that allows them to manage and cache content inside their networks without the operator having to intervene in determining the cached content. A group of content providers, network gear providers and ISPs are evaluating transparent caching as part of an unannounced standards group seeking to improve online video delivery overall".

"Big content companies don’t want to pay a middle man to deliver their content, when they are delivering so much of it. That’s one reason for the Netflix and Comcast showdown [see "Comcast and Netflix - BFF ("no preferential network treatment") - here]But vendors from Cisco [see "Cisco Partners with PeerApp" - here] to startups like PeerApp [see "[F&S]: 'PeerApp is the clear current market leader in the transparent caching industry'"- here] and Qwilt are experimenting with an alternative called transparent caching. Unlike traditional caches where the content lives outside the operator network and is managed by a more manual process of purging and refreshing caches at different intervals, transparent caching is deployed inside the ISP’s network and uses software to understand what content needs to be cached without human intervention".

Read more - "Will transparent caching reshape the future of video on the internet?" - here.

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  1. The biggest challenge for transparent caching companies is the fast migration to https, Youtube has already moves to https in some territories.