Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Verizon: No Internet for you!

DDoS attacks are usually launched against businesses, and many ISPs have some level of detecting and mitigating attacks. It is rare to see a DDoS attack against consumers, and as we can see in the following story, even Verizon has rough times detecting the cause for the QoS degradation felt by the victim's neighbors, and chose a simple solution - cut the service to the victim!

Stop the Cap! reports that "For nearly a month, Verizon FiOS customers in Westborough and Northborough, Mass. have experienced frequent slowdowns and outages of their Internet and telephone service that Verizon now admits have been traced to a denial-of-service attack on a single residential customer in Westborough .. Verizon’s first solution was to replace FiOS routers, which proved ineffective .. Last week, Verizon finally identified the specific customer targeted by the cyber-attack and terminated his FiOS account, which also put an end to the service-disrupting attacks.

"Some customers are wondering whether Verizon has an effective plan to deal with future cyber attacks"

See "Denial of Service Attack on One Mass. Customer Brings Verizon FiOS to Its Knees for Many" - here.


  1. Verizon is doing a great job in the availability of broad band internet to their customers all over USA.

  2. The post is informative and worthwhile.