Monday, March 24, 2014

Apple Streaming Service in Talks to Get "Special Treatment" from Comcast

While the Comcast-Netflix agreement is claimed to be Net Neutral ("no preferential network treatment" - here), it seems that the relations with Apple maybe going to challenge Net Neutrality.

Shalini Ramachandran, Daisuke Wakabayashi and Amol Sharma report to the Wall Street Journal that "Apple is in talks with Comcast about teaming up for a streaming-television service that would use an Apple set-top box and get special treatment on Comcast's cables to ensure it bypasses congestion on the Web, people familiar with the matter say.

..Apple would benefit from a cable-company partner because it wants the new TV service's traffic to be separated from public Internet traffic over the "last mile"—the portion of a cable operator's pipes that connect to customers' homes, the people familiar with the matter say. That stretch of the Internet tends to get clogged when too many users in a region try to access too much bandwidth at the same time".

See "Apple in Talks With Comcast About Streaming-TV Service" - here.

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