Sunday, March 16, 2014

[Analysys Mason]: Is there Correlation Between Fixed Internet and Mobile Data Usage?

A new report by Rupert Wood [pictured], Principle Analyst, Analysys Mason, finds that "About 96% of all IP data worldwide is associated with fixed access networks .. 

There is little immediately obvious correlation between fixed Internet and mobile data usage among these countries. We have added countries for which we have clear data in mobile usage (shown with pink markers below), but have only some operator-level data for fixed. 

Again, there are more exceptions to explain away than there are clear patterns. In only one of these countries, Japan, does cellular traffic exceed 10% of total data traffic. In three (France, Germany and Romania) mobile is less than 2.5% of the total".

"The worldwide median data usage worldwide was about 14GB per month at 2013, and the median connection had no on-net usage. The median as a proportion of the mean will shrink over the period of the forecast in most economies. Taking Western Europe as an example, it will decline from 37% of the mean in 2013 to 29% of the mean by 2019. The reasons for this are bound up with the sudden changes to subscriber usage that the introduction of IPTV set top boxes for catch-up and VoD".

See "Fixed network data traffic worldwide: forecasts and analysis 2014–2019" - here.

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