Saturday, March 8, 2014

Qosmos Lays Down SDN/NFV Plans for DPI

Qosmos announced a three-phase strategy for its SDN & NFV product portfolio:

Phase 1: Service Aware Module (SAM) for virtual switch - (see "Qosmos Announces DPI for Virtual Switches (Intel first)" - here)

Phase 2: DPI as a Virtual Network Function Component (VNFC)

Qosmos DPI as a VNFC complies with an official use case standardized by ETSI. This new Qosmos product runs in a virtual machine and uses an optimized interface to feed application information and metadata to other integrated components, together forming virtual networking equipment (VNFs) such as Service Routers, GGSN, PCEF, BRAS, ADC/Load Balancers, Network Analytics, NG Firewalls, WAN optimization, etc.

Phase 3: Service Chaining Module

The Qosmos Service Chaining Module will leverage packet-tagging mechanisms and protocol extensions to convey application identification and metadata in real-time to applications and network functions. Thanks to this Qosmos middleware based on developing standards, software vendors will be able to provide solutions which dynamically optimize the number and the sequence of chained services, per type of network traffic. Service providers using solutions embedding the Qosmos Service Chaining Module will benefit from better resource utilization, dramatically improved ability to customize services and new possibilities for innovation.

See "Qosmos Announces Strategic Roadmap for SDN & NFV" - here.

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