Friday, March 28, 2014

Monday's Guest Post: Putting More Intelligence into the Cell Site for Enterprise-focused Services

A new guest post will be published on Monday - "Optimizing cell architecture for better enterprise service delivery" by my 32nd guest, Shaun McFall.

"When mobile telephony first emerged, business users were among the first to adopt the new technology. In spite of that, today, the enterprise market still represents one of the most untapped markets for mobile operators. As well as the most lucrative. Most operators are acutely aware of the situation, but unsure of how to address it. A big part of the answer is in found in a re-think of the cell architecture

By putting more intelligence into the cell site, operators can deliver a whole range of enterprise-focused services. That means more access services as well as better support of high-bandwidth enterprise applications".

Stay tuned!

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