Friday, December 7, 2012

Elitecore Enhances PCRF with Enterprise Self Provisioning, Analytics, Parental Control and more

Elitecore Technologies announced it has added several new features to its PCRF product, NetVertex (here, here and here) including "Enterprise Policy, Policy Analytics and RADIUS support for Wi-Fi Offload".

Dhaval Vora (pictured), VP, Product Management explains:

  • Enterprise Policy enables operators to address growing enterprise demand for Data Services Control within or outside the organization. It includes a service selection portal allowing Enterprises to self-manage their employees’ data consumption for usage, time & access controls, consistent QoS, Bandwidth-on-Demand, hierarchy-based personalization and more, effectively transferring controls from operators to enterprises

  • Policy Analytics will help design and launch subscriber-specific promotions & plans (such as include Social media-only services, Device specific plans, city-wise usage, access network usage, students or Government sector plans) based on various inputs of revenue, usage and traffic feeds reports to PCRF
  • RADIUS support for Wi-Fi Offload provides native support for Wi-Fi Offload through a single PCRF deployment. Operators no longer need to procure a separate Diameter Translation Agent to talk to PCRF for Wi-Fi offload.
Other new features include Parental Controls and a Device management module which maintains information on different devices available in the market, enabling operators to easily launch device-specific plans easily without having to configure device details everytime.

See "Elitecore releases latest PCRF with powerful new features" - here.

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