Saturday, December 22, 2012

AT&T Asks Subscribers about 1-800 Data Service

During this year we saw several AT&T executives talking about 1-800 data services (in which the content provider pays for the subscriber data consumption).

See "AT&T CEO: 1-800 Data will 'Catch Fire in the Next 12 Months'" - here and "AT&T Considers "1-800" Model for Mobile Data" - here.

While this challenges Net Neutrality (which does not apply yet to mobile services in the US, but such initiatives may trigger that) and raises doubts by experts (see "1-800 Apps Concept: Superficially Appealing but Unworkable" - here) AT&T seems to continue with the plan.

Karl Bode reports to that "A reader writes in to tell us that AT&T is circulating a survey trying to gather support for the idea, by framing the discussion in the context of movie studios paying for the bandwidth to watch their trailers. The survey question:

While using your phone to search for content such as movies, games or music, you see a symbol or logo that indicates that the data usage for downloading or streaming will be free. It will not count against your monthly data plan.

For example, the 20 or so MB to watch a movie trailer would be paid for by the movie studio since they want you to watch it. You know the data usage will be free because you see the logo or symbol.

How interested are you in trying this idea described above?
"When I answered "not interested" the survey ended quickly," says tipster djrobx".

See "AT&T Still Interested in Developers Paying Fee to Bypass Caps" - here.