Thursday, December 6, 2012

[Renesys]: Countries Ranked by Risk of Disconnection

Few days ago we saw it is possible to disconnect a country from the Internet (see "The World is Disconnected from Syria since Thursday" - here - Syria was connected again on Saturday - here). Sophisticated DPI was not needed here - a (single?) cord cut was probably enough.

A research by James Cowie (pictured), CTO, Renesys, tries to evaluate which countries are in risk of being disconnected easily.

"The key to the Internet's survival is the Internet's decentralization — and it's not uniform across the world .. There may be only one or two companies who hold official licenses to carry voice and Internet traffic to and from the outside world, and they are required by law to mediate access for everyone else .. [The map below] with countries colored according to the Internet diversity at the international frontier. We did a census, from our own view of the global Internet routing table, of all the domestic providers in each country who have direct connections (visible in routing) to foreign providers"

"If you have only 1 or 2 companies at your international frontier, we classify your country as being at severe risk of Internet disconnection .. If you have fewer than 10 service providers at your international frontier, your country is probably exposed to some significant risk of Internet disconnection .. If you have more than 10 internationally-connected service providers, but fewer than about 40, your risk of disconnection is fairly low .. Finally, if you have more than 40 providers at your frontier, your country is likely to be extremely resistant to Internet disconnection"

See "Could It Happen In Your Country?" - here.

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