Saturday, December 8, 2012

HP Big Data Solution Helps CSPs with Monetization and Congestion Management

HP announced ".. new solutions that help Communications Service Providers (CSPs)—or telcos—manage, understand and act on massive amounts of information (Big Data) to deliver services to subscribers and improve their satisfaction levels .. by leveraging analytics to gain real-time insight into subscriber usage patterns, preferences and interests, CSPs can capitalize on business opportunities and partner more effectively with these new providers"
"HP Telco Big Data and Analytics provide insight into real-time network conditions, so CSPs can enhance network utilization and address traffic congestion situations .. HP Telco Big Data and Analytics are available now worldwide".

The following offerings are included in the new portfolio: HP Smart Profile Server, HP Actionable Experience Management and HP Ad Experience Personalization.

See "New HP Solutions Help Telcos Leverage Big Data to Deliver New Subscriber Services" - here.


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