Monday, December 17, 2012

[Heavy Reading]: MNOs Need Personalization; Limited by IT

A new research by Ari Banerjee (pictured), senior analyst, Heavy Reading (commissioned by Amdocs) finds that "service providers are looking to offer personalized data plans and real-time visibility and control over data spending in order to improve the customer experience and better monetize 4G investments. The research also reveals that service providers currently lack the integrated charging and policy management capabilities required to enable this".

Key research findings reveal that:
  • As 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) becomes the standard network technology, service providers’ marketing departments want to launch more advanced services and price plans
  • IT organizations need new capabilities in order to fulfill Marketing’s wish lists (70 percent of respondents said their companies cannot enable innovative data price plans because of IT limitations)
  • There is overwhelming consensus among service providers that charging and policy management integration is key to enabling more advanced services and price plans (75 percent of respondents said their companies are looking to manage rules for policy and charging from one location, i.e. implement a centralized product catalog)
Banerjee, said: "Those who recognized the importance of charging and policy integration last year, have since launched tiered and family plans and are now looking to enable even more advanced services with real-time user visibility and control capabilities. Those who weren’t convinced last year about the need for policy and charging integration are much more convinced today, and therefore they are now looking to enable tiered and family plans"

See "Amdocs and Heavy Reading Research: Personalized Data Plans and Real-Time Data Spending Control Top Service Providers' Wish Lists for New 4G Services" - here.

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