Monday, December 17, 2012

Hola! Accelerates! Web! Browsing! by! 50!-100%(!!); Re-writes Wi-Fi

Start-up Hola! promises a faster web browsing experience - "Most pages load 50% -100% faster".

Amitai Ziv reports to TheMarker (here, Hebrew) that the company, founded in 2008, exposed recently its technology (still in Beta). To date, $18M were invested in the Israeli-based, 12 employees, start-up. Hola! is still looking for a revenue model.

How they do it (see demo below) ?

"The Internet is slowed down by server response times, Internet congestion, round trip times, and poorly written communication stacks in operating systems. Hola removes these bottlenecks by securely caching content on peers as they view it, and later serving it up to other nearby peers as they need it. Hola also compresses communication and employs a patented DNS acceleration to speed the net further. As more people install and use Hola, the faster and less congested it will be!".

In addition the software (available as a Chrome extension, for Windows and Android) offers to remove geographical restrictions in accessing media sources and better Wi-Fi - "We've re-written the software that connects to Wi-Fi from the ground up, utilizing patented methods for speeding up this process. With Hola it takes less than a second to connect to access points, making the searching for open Wi-Fi much less frustrating"

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